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 Prescott Bedroom

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SKU Description Category Length Depth/Width Height Photos
VSERU-DTOB-CAB01 Prescott Tobacco Mirror Mirror
VSERU-DTOB-CAB03 KING Prescott Tobacco King Bed Bed - King
VSERU-DTOB-CAB04 QUEEN Prescott Tobacco Queen Bed Bed - Queen
VSERU-DTOB-CAB05G Prescott Tobacco Dresser Dresser
VSERU-DTOB-CAB06G Prescott Tobacco Chest Chest
VSERU-DTOB-CAB14G LEFT Prescott Tobacco Left Nightstand Nightstand
VSERU-DTOB-CAB14G RIGHT Prescott Tobacco Right Nightstand Nightstand
Collection: Bedroom
Color: .Tobacco
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